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Critical Infrastructure
Water and Power
- Blockchains helps to protect networks and bring efficiencies

Keeping the countries blood flowing

One of the biggest threats facing society today is the risk to our national critical infrastructure from natural disaster and terrorism. Threats from hackers and from criminal gangs deploying cryptolockers to hold critical service providers hostage are today very real threat.

Combine that with the need for utilities to become a fully integrated part of modern smart cities, with better data and service sharing, and you quickly find the challenge faceing utilities to meet the need for data sharing and collaboration while also meeting the need for very tight security.

Blockchain combined with Distributed File Storage creates a powerful combination for creating trusted but sharable datasets while providing privacy and security not available on traditional centralised systems.


UrbanWater was a collaboration of utilities, tech companies and universities across Europe looking at how to build a future smart utility network that would encourage collaboration, drive down cost and protect critital infrastructure.

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