Atlas 3T


Our mission is to make decentralised services accessible to everyone. That means making decentralised technology simple to understand, cheap to use and integrated with other systems.

Hello we are,
Atlas 3T.

Londons leading experts in all things blockchain applied practically to modern business. We have inhouse expertise in many industries, in cybersecurity, in cloud computing, cryptography and blockchain.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the UK's leader in the provision of blockchain services. To achieve this we work closely with partners and other blockchain businesses to drill deep into the technology while looking at the best applications for this exciting new technology.

Our Values


Put stakeholder interests before your own


Learn and grow from challenges


Be passionate about what you do


Show humility and be respectful


Technology leaders


We are not content with just building applications on other peoples blockchains, we have designed and developed from the ground up a more modern blockchain to meet the real and practical needs of industry.


Cloud is a highly stable and cost effective way to store data and run services that have no need for data sharing or collaboration. We have decades of experience in house in the provision of cloud services to movie studios, financial services companies, government and other major users of cloud.


Every online system lives or dies by its use of good cybersecurity and so we have inhouse expertise in cybersecurity. We have Network Defence Architects and Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH's) ready to work on the securing of your services.


With blockchain applied to utilities and critical infrastructure it's inevitable that we would engage with embedded systems and IoT. Let us work with you on turning those simple IoT devices into decentralised networks of productivity.

our team

The best team ever!

Darren Oliveiro-Priestnall

Chief Executive Officer

Uzair Qidwai

Chief Strategy Officer

Joseph Christopherson

Product Associate

Robin Hudson

Business Development

Alex White

Blockchain Developer

Akshat Adani

Project Manager

Stephen Horsfall

Blockchain Developer

Fran Sage-ling

Blockchain Developer

Joseph Kearney

Cryptography Researcher

Daniel Radu Casu

Corporate Finance Advisor

Joanna Oliveiro-Priestnall

Office Administrator

Rachel Logan

Executive Assistant

our team

The best investors and advisors ever!

Robert A. Hefner, III

Founder investor and advisor

Sir Mark Weinberg


Elizabeth Linder


Telegraph news reel

The Telegraph newspaper ran a series called "Great Britiish Business" that looks at some of the leading businesses in innovative new industries and we were honoured to be invited to represent blockchain in the UK.

Below is a link to the YouTube video that they ran on the Telegraph's Great British Business portal.'

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